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SCFHP supports My Birth Matters!

Provider news | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

C-section can be a lifesaving surgery for mother and baby. However, it also brings serious risk to the patient and is an overused procedure in California. The California Health Care Foundation, Consumer Reports, and the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative have teamed up in the development of My Health Matters, a campaign to educate first-time mothers on the overuse of C-sections and encourage meaningful conversations between patients and their care team.
With research and vetting provided by valuable stakeholders such as the California Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, California Medical Association, and the California Hospital Association, My Birth Matters aims to reduce the number of low-risk, first birth C-sections in the state and align payment for births with desired outcomes.
SCFHP encourages PCPs and OBs to incorporate the following educational materials in patient interactions, prenatal packets, exam rooms, and more:

You can learn more about the My Birth Matters’ research methodology by downloading the campaign’s research and development report or by sending campaign questions to Beccah Rothschild, consultant to the California Health Care Foundation.

Pregnancy rewards program

Refer your pregnant SCFHP patients to our Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program. We reward eligible patients for getting timely prenatal care:

  • 1st trimester visit: $30 gift card
  • 2nd trimester visit: car seat*
  • 3rd trimester visit: co-sleeper

* Must complete a car seat safety class. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, car seat safety classes have been canceled until further notice. SCFHP is offering a $30 gift card instead until further notice.

Refer your patients by filling out the enrollment form and fax it to Health Education at
1-408-874-1959. Email your questions to

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