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NEW DHCS REQUIREMENTS - Staying Healthy Assessment

Provider news | Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) recently updated the Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) in collaboration with health plan representatives and providers.

Highlights of the recent changes

  1. Updated assessment questions in accordance with the guidelines of the US Preventive Services Task Force and other relevant governmental and professional associations.
  2. An increase in the number of required SHA pediatric questionnaires from four to seven:
    • 0–6 months
    • 7–12 months
    • 1–2 years
    • 3–4 years
    • 5–8 years
    • 9–11 years
    • 12–17 years
  3. A second questionnaire to address the unique needs of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (SPDs), in addition to the single questionnaire for adults.

What does this mean for Primary Care Providers (PCPs)?

  1. Effective immediately, all Medi-Cal Managed Care PCPs are required to implement the new SHA forms with all members during the member's initial Health Assessment (IHA) and during periodic physical exams.
  2. DHCS also requires that all PCPs complete training on the implementation of the new SHA forms.

The information below is required for Provider Training

Next steps

  1. Begin using the new SHA forms immediately.
  2. Ensure that all providers in your office complete the training on implementation of the new SHA forms. Go to this DHCS web page to access the PowerPoint training presentation:
  3. After completing training, complete the SCFHP Staying Healthy Assessment Training Attestation form and fax to SCFHP Provider Services at 1-408-376-3537.

DHCS strongly encourages the use of the pre-approved SHA form. If your clinic wishes to use an alternative tool, please complete and email the Alternative SHA Tool Request Form to If you have any questions, please call QI Department at 1-408-874-1428.


Detailed information regarding these new requirements, documentation, training, PCP responsibilities, timelines/timeframes, can be found on the DHCS website at:
Click on "Provider Training PowerPoint" for the required training presentation.

The All Plan Letter announcing the new requirements can be found at:

All SHA questionnaires and forms continue to be available on the DHCS website in English and all threshold languages at:

SHA questionnaires are also available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese on the SCFHP website -

SCFHP's Quality Management Department is available to answer your questions and can be reached at 1-408-874-1428, if you need assistance.

Thank you for your support in ensuring a completed IHA is in every member's chart, and for the quality care you provide to our members.