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A Lunar New Year message from our CEO

Community news | Monday, January 30, 2023

Dear Valued Community,

As we come together this month to celebrate the Lunar New Year – a time marked by joy, happiness, and optimism – we cannot ignore the recent mass shootings that have occurred here in California.

Eleven people lost their lives in a senseless shooting in Monterey Park, California, during a Lunar New Year celebration earlier this month. Just days after, our community was shocked to learn about seven more deaths in a mass shooting close to home in Half Moon Bay, California.

My Santa Clara Family Health Plan family and I express our sincere condolences to the Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay communities. We are saddened and horrified by these tragedies. As a community health organization, we stand by our vision of health for all – condemning all acts of violence. We call on all residents, community partners, and elected officials to support and care for one another, and do what we can to help bring this senseless public health crisis to an end.

Many shooting victims identified as Asian Americans, who have been unfairly and incorrectly targeted since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Members of our immigrant farmworker community, who experienced significant hardship amplified by the pandemic, were also targeted by this senseless act of violence. To members of our community affected, including our immigrant farmworkers and Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities, I stand in solidarity with you and share my heartache and frustration with the rise in hate crimes, racism, xenophobia, and anti-Asian sentiment.

Our commitment to the health of our community compels us to take action. On February 4, we’ll gather at the SCFHP Blanca Alvarado Community Resource Center to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Approaching this event in light of the recent tragedies brings mixed feelings. In the spirit of togetherness, we hope you join us to celebrate the New Year and our Asian American community, visit the health and resource fair, and experience healing in the power of community.

We would also like to share some resources to take care of yourselves, and hope you will pass them on.

In addition, here are ways to directly help the communities impacted by the Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay shootings:


Christine M. Tomcala

CEO, Santa Clara Family Health Plan