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HEDIS 2020 Medical Records Retrieval

Provider news | Thursday, February 6, 2020

SCFHP asks for your cooperation in providing access to specific patient medical records in your office. Sharing this information will help support our 2020 HEDIS Project, an important annual project that measures the efficiency of the health plan and its providers in delivering preventive care.

SCFHP has contracted with Guardian Angel to retrieve medical records for this project. In the coming weeks, Guardian Angel will contact your office to request the necessary records and set up the most efficient way to retrieve them.

State confidentiality laws [Cal. Civil Code §56.10(c) (4)] and HIPAA regulations allow providers to release medical information to the patient’s health plan (or the plan’s authorized representative) for the purposes of quality improvement, without the need of a signed medical record release from the patient. All medical records and information submitted to SCFHP will be kept confidential in accordance with federal, state, and HIPAA laws.

We will work with you to minimize disruptions in patient care activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cecilia Le at 1-562-867-5309 or

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