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Healthy Kids

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting October 1, 2019, children enrolled in Santa Clara Family Health Plan’s Healthy Kids HMO through the County Children’s Health Insurance Program (CCHIP) will move to Santa Clara Family Health Plan’s Medi-Cal program. If you or your child enrolled in Healthy Kids through Covered California, then you are enrolled in CCHIP. Children who enrolled in Healthy Kids directly with Santa Clara Family Health Plan (not through Covered California) will not move to Medi-Cal.

For Healthy Kids members moving to Medi-Cal, health and vision benefits will continue to be provided by Santa Clara Family Health Plan:

  • Your child can still see the same health care provider.
  • There are no co-pays for prescriptions or doctor visits.
  • Your only cost is your monthly premium payment.
  • Your child will have access to additional benefits such as transportation and Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program.

Your child’s dental insurance will be provided by Medi-Cal Dental:

  • Your child may see any dentist who accepts Medi-Cal Dental. Please ask your child’s dentist if they accept Medi-Cal Dental.
  • The dental services your child can get will stay the same.
  • How often your child can get those services will change for some services.

Healthy Kids CCHIP members will receive notices from the California Department of Health Care Services telling you about this move. You will receive a 60-Day Notice, 30-Day Notice, Dental Notice, and Frequently Asked Questions. Please read the notices for more information. SCFHP will post the notices as they are available.

General Member Notice of Transition from CCHIP to Medi-Cal

60-Day Member Notice of Transition from CCHIP to Medi-Cal

30-Day Member Notice of Transition from CCHIP to Medi-Cal

Dental Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about your child’s move from Healthy Kids HMO (CCHIP) to Medi-Cal, call the CCHIP Program Administrator at 1-833-91C-CHIP (1-833-912-2447), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.