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Cultural Competence Web Resources

The following on-line trainings and resources are provided for educational purposes, and are not intended as a particular endorsement of any organization. Additionally, these resources should not be interpreted as medical advice.

We do our best to keep these links current, but web pages often expire. If the web address provided does not work, use a search engine and search under the organization's name.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Disability Awareness

The following resources include information on: 1) ADA requirements; 2) working with people with disabilities; 3) providing reasonable accommodations; 4) communicating effectively; 5) best practices; 6) awareness and competency training; and 7) regulatory guidelines.


These resources include information on: 1) challenges of aging; 2) understanding barriers; 3) methods to achieve cultural competence in target populations; and 4) resources to serve the target populations.

African American

Asian American/Pacific Islander

This section includes information on how to: 1) increase awareness about concepts and preferences; 2) understand cultural differences; and 3) effectively communicate with Asian patients.

Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Free Patient Health Education Materials - Low Literacy and Other Languages

This section includes basic information on low literacy and how it affects people in making health care decisions.

General Cultural Competence

Hispanic / Latino American

These resources provide overviews of Hispanic culture including 1) basic understanding about the culture; 2) how to outreach to Hispanic population; 3) how to provide competent care services.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse

This section focuses on: 1) understanding of mental health stigma: 2) skills to develop cultural competency; 3) how to communicate; 4) how to conduct cultural sensitivity assessment; 5) how to building bridges with families; and 6) effective outreach methods.