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Provider Login

Provider Login

Welcome to Santa Clara Family Health Plan’s new provider portal, Provider Link!

Provider Link allows you to:

  • Register and create your own accounts, you do not need to contact SCFHP for access
  • Check a member’s eligibility and print each transaction
  • View and download a primary care physician’s patient list
  • Check the status of authorizations processed by SCFHP’s Utilization Management Department
  • Check the status of a claim that has been processed by SCFHP’s Claims Department

Provider Link will allow electronic authorization submissions to SCFHP’s Utilization Management Department. This feature will be available soon.

Access Provider Link here.

Please refer to our training document for help with registration.


  • Provider Link gives you access to information maintained by SCFHP. SCFHP has a number of delegated relationships with its provider network for the Medi-Cal and Healthy Kids programs. Providers need to continue working with our delegates for any Medi-Cal or Healthy Kids enrollee assigned to one of our delegates.
  • SCFHP manages the care for all SCFHP Cal MediConnect members directly. If you have any questions about a Cal MediConnect member’s claim or authorization, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-408-874-1788.
  • If you have questions about Provider Link features, or information found on Provider Link, please contact SCFHP’s Customer Service Department at 1-408-874-1788 or by email at providerservices@scfhp.com.