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Quality Improvement Program

The quality of your healthcare services is important to us, and that’s why Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP) has a strong Quality Improvement Program. The goal of Quality Improvement is to deliver care that enables members to stay healthy, get better, manage chronic illnesses and/or disabilities, and maintain/improve their quality of life.

The quality improvement process helps to:

  • Keep our members healthy
  • Identify areas that need improvement for member care and customer service
  • Set priorities for review
  • Develop effective ways to address the areas to ensure improvement
  • Oversee our providers and delegates

SCFHP identifies areas that need improvement through the following methods:

  • Potential quality issues (PQI)
  • Quality improvement projects (QIP)
  • Facility site reviews (FSR)
  • Peer reviews
  • Provider access and availability standards

To learn more about the SCFHP’s Quality Improvement Program, read the Quality Improvement Program Description.