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Escape to Mexico

By Robert Scrase, Process Improvement Manager

This June, I traveled to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico to meet my extended family for a weeklong vacation. In many ways it felt like a decadent escape from the day-to-day reality of life in California – a contrast that became even more evident after returning – but it was also a rejuvenating, pleasurable, and educational experience.

Along with enjoying some time at the pool and beautiful sunsets on the beach, I also was able to experience some amazing and unfamiliar wildlife and vegetation on the resort. I enjoyed learning about turtle conservation; learning about and swimming with dolphins, and taking a cultural tour to the historic village of San Sebastian Del Oeste.

On the drive to San Sebastian we experienced a different perspective of Mexico than within the borders of the resort. It was clear that the local economy thrives on the tourism industry, but that some providing the services live very differently than the guests at the resort. Along the road we learned from our guide about: the history of Spanish conquest in Mexico and the perseverance of indigenous culture.

In addition, the cultivation practices for tequila using the blue agave plant, the function of status hierarchies in the colonial economies, and the practice of hand-making tortillas – among a lot of other topics!