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Pets of SCFHP

Amy O’Brien
In 2020, I adopted these 3 cuties from a shelter in Hollister. Their names are Adore Delano, Bianca del Rio, and Gia Gunn, named for drag queens.

Jenny Arellano Morales
Puyol is the brightest ray of sunshine in our household and is always making my husband and I laugh. He’s never tried a snack he didn’t like.

Erica Narvaez

Kane Narvaez

Bianca Ibarra
Hi, my name is Celia and I enjoy long naps during the cold winter months.
Hi, my name is Dinosaur. I am so thrilled to be included in the e-Newsletter that I am shaking with excitement.

Hi, my name is Paloma. I am happy-go-lucky rescue.

Liz Sullivan
Welcome to three cats and a dog

My 10-year old German Shepherd Nanook, who was born in Alaska, never goes anywhere without one of her toys.

The queen of the house is Sophie, a 16-year old Burmese cat.

The newest members of the family are kittens Teddy and Winston, who were born in early April and joined the herd in late June. And they are as adorable as they look.

Robert Scrase

Our two cats Toby (bottom) and Miko (top), taken a few years ago.

Katelyn Haapoja

My pets Kali (black Chow Chow) Bowser (English Bulldog) and Bunny (Peanut) lounging around.

Sheila Sepehri

Bella (cat)- Bella loves to sit outside and watch the birds. Topolino (dog)- Topolino means “small mouse” in Italian, which is fitting because he weighs only 3lbs!

Kris Cameron
My two rescues Maggie (the one smiling) and Winston (the one silently judging my performance as a dog mother). Maggie was a former street dog in Mexico, and Winston was found abandoned in a box in Fresno and I love them an unreasonable amount. They are best friends who do everything together.

Diane Eagle

Chloe – Chloe is sitting so patiently upstairs waiting for her Poppa to get home.

Fishbone – Fishbone looks a little peeved that he’s not being paid attention too.

Lloyd Alaban

Captain is a 4-year-old husky and German Shepherd mix. He likes to do anything active, such as running, swimming, and (despite our best efforts to stop him) digging up plants in the backyard.

Danielle Desjardin

This is Churro the 4 pound Yorkie. (His growing list of nicknames include: Churrito, CatDog, Brave Little Toaster, and Baby Doggy.)

He just turned 5 months old, and he’s already so smart – he can sit, lay down, high five, shake, spin in a circle, stay, and just learned to roll-over!
We’re also teaching Churro to ask for things using talking buttons strewn about the house saying things like “go outside” and “play tug” (his personal favorite) – he has 10 buttons now and we plan to add more soon!

Thao Ngo

My 10 year-old girl Snowie.

Yolonda Jimenez

The dynamic duo Marty (BoxerPit) and Lola (Pug). These fur babies are true siblings. Little sister Lola loves to steal toys and treats from big Bro Marty, he is very gentle with her and will complain to Mommy (Yolonda Jimenez) when Lola is being a pest.

­­­­­­­­­­­Sara Neabeack

Mochi loves hugs kisses and food.

Jocelyn Ma

This is Ollie! He recently graduated puppy school.

Jeanette Montoya
Boba is a 3-year old Chihuahua and Gizmo is a 7-month old English Bulldog. They both love going to the dog park and getting puppachinos.

Stephanie Dao
This is Ralph. He likes to cuddle, has little dog syndrome, and is always hungry.

Abby Baldovinos
Apple - My golden colored 11-year old Chihuahua, she is a 9-pound little cuddle bug, although she thinks she is a pitbull. She bosses around my other dog (who is three times her size).
Hiro - My 12-year old Carin Terrier, I call him my “Toto dog”, as he is the same color and breed. He is obsessed with chasing squirrels and playing fetch. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned and will walk off leash with no problems.

Carole Ruvalcaba

This is Penny, who loves meeting new people and posing for pictures.

Pamela Hernandez
This is Petunia, celebrating her 5th birthday!

Chris Turner


Michelle Dumont

Kaz and Belle sharing a nap.

Laura Barrientos

Pictured on the left is Marty Byrde, top right is Daisy Lorraine and bottom right is Hunny Bryde aka Hunny Valentina. Hunny is the smallest but definitely rules the house!

Winnie Vo

My name is Simon and I’m my mom’s favorite model.

Rosa Perez


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Jessica Jimenez

I introduce you to Jubilee, she is a very smart & friendly Maltipoo. She loves to go to the beach and dig holes in the sand.