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From the CEO

Take time for rest and renewal

By Christine Tomcala

Stress Awareness Month may have ended, but the opportunity to put stress reduction techniques into practice continues! Taking paid time off is good for your health and stress management, plus you deserve it!

My husband and I also took time to get away. Last month, we traveled to Hawaii for the first time, and it was a wonderful, relaxing vacation! We hiked on Maui’s most recent lava flow, and got to see how pineapples grow.

With a stop at the Sugar Museum, we learned what life had been like for our sister-in-law’s father, who was the son of Japanese immigrants who worked on that sugar cane plantation.

Sunset offered an opportunity to see sea turtles dining on the rocks and whales breaching in the distance.

And no vacation to Hawaii would be complete without floating in the water at the beach!

However, you choose to spend it, taking PTO can be rejuvenating.

We encourage everyone to schedule a little PTO self-care, and invite each of you to share how you chose to spend your time away by submitting your favorite vacation photo to