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Our Advisory Committees

Our Advisory Committees provide valuable feedback and input to help ensure Santa Clara Family Health Plan provides health care coverage that meets the needs of our members and the community.

Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending, please visit our Meetings and Agendas page for calendars and for meeting agendas. If you need information in alternate formats, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Consumer Advisory Committee

The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) represents consumers and advocates in advising Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP) on matters relating to the protection of enrollee rights, interests and access to quality health care and services. Additionally, CAC assists SCFHP in promoting SCFHP’s mission through education, advocacy, collaboration and feedback. CAC acts as a source of information and advice for SCFHP.

CAC representatives include, but are not limited to, members of SCFHP, parents or legal guardians of SCFHP members, advocates and providers who work for community organizations that serve SCFHP members, and health care professionals who care for SCFHP members.

Provider Advisory Council

The Provider Advisory Council (PAC) acts as an advisory body to assist SCFHP in achieving the highest quality of care for members of the health plan.

PAC’s goals and objectives are to discuss regional, state and national issues related to patient care; provide input on health care services and the service networks of SCFHP; and improve communications, relations, and cooperation between providers and the health plan.

PAC is comprised of at least one contracted Primary Care Physician and/or Specialist from each of SCFHP’s physician networks, an affiliated physician or representative from each contracted hospital, a physician or representative from the County and Community clinics, and behavior health community providers.

Quality Improvement Committee

The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) oversees an organization-wide commitment to quality. Through the Quality Improvement Program, it continually monitors, analyzes, and evaluates improvement in SCFHP’s delivery of health care to all members, including those with special needs. The Quality Improvement Program assesses quality of care and services in areas such as preventive health, acute and chronic care, behavioral health, over- and under-utilization, continuity and coordination of care, patient safety, and administrative and network services.

QIC members provide expertise to the Health Plan relative to their professional experience. QIC members include contracted providers and representatives from the community, including but not limited to hospital representatives, Medical Directors, non-physicians with insight to issues facing the patient and provider community, and representatives from the behavioral health community.


Santa Clara County Coordinated Care Initiative


Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Santa Clara County Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) Stakeholder Advisory Committee is to facilitate information exchange both to and from community stakeholders in the planning, implementation, and operation of the CCI in Santa Clara County. This includes identification of gaps and special needs in the care of the dual eligible population and advocacy on behalf of the community, consumers, and the Medicare-Medi-Cal population. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee is managed jointly by the two health care plans participating in the Santa Clara County CCI: Santa Clara Family Health Plan and Anthem Blue Cross.

Participants represent a wide variety of community stakeholders including On Lok, Santa Clara County (SCC) Department of Aging & Adult Services, SCC Behavioral Health Services Department, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System, Safety Net clinics, Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), Community Based Adult Services (CBAS), In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), Public Authority, independent living centers, skilled nursing facilities, and housing communities, as well as other providers and advocates.

Cal MediConnect Consumer Advisory Board 

The purpose of the Santa Clara County Cal MediConnect (CMC) Consumer Advisory Board is to engage consumers and caregivers in Santa Clara County in the implementation and evaluation of operations and policies of CMC. This includes advocating on behalf of consumers, providers, and the community, particularly those members who are high risk; identifying priority areas and issues requiring consumer participation and input for CCI; facilitating communication between the health plans and dual eligible beneficiaries, participating in the monitoring of key performance quality indicators; commenting on reports related to evaluation of Medicare-Medi-Cal access, quality, and consumer protections; and helping identify gaps and health care needs of dual eligible beneficiaries and other special needs that should be addressed by the participating health plans. 

Membership includes consumers and caregivers, including members of both Santa Clara Family Health Plan and Anthem Blue Cross. Recruitment of members includes outreach to organizations and groups comprised of or representing CMC consumers, providers, and caregivers, including persons with disabilities, people from different cultural backgrounds and Long-Term Services and Supports consumers.